The Crescent – Our Story So Far

The Crescent

Paula Chamberlain has the belief that her purpose is to serve and it is this belief which set her off on the care career path. Beginning her career as a care assistant in care home services, Paula felt at unease with the way she was being tasked with delivering care. It was this which inspired her to launch her own care business.

In 2011, Paula launched her own bespoke care business, with the mission to provide a quality care service which doesn’t just provide the basics but acts as a real support to those who require care services. Alongside this, she wanted to make a difference from the top down and educate both her employees and other organisations such as care homes, on what an outstanding care service should look like.

In November 2017, Paula rebranded the company, which is now known as The Crescent, a nod to the company’s recently acquired headquarters which Paula and her 35 strong team have relocated to. The building, based within a conservation area due to its historic status and directly opposite Batley train station, was the first and only place Paula looked at.

In Paula’s own words, getting her baby back will enable her to drive forward the vision to provide the highest levels of care to its service users, while being able to enhance partnerships to enhance the overall quality and levels of service of the care industry. Unlike many other service providers, The Crescent’s minimum call out time is 3 hours, which allows the client to get the carefully crafted, quality care that they need.

Launching in 2018, The Crescent will be providing a training academy in partnership with Leeds Beckett University. Paula and her team have learnt a wealth of knowledge over the years and want to make sure that they are passing this on to other carers and organisations. All of this will help in her aim to help to raise the standard of care across the UK.


Strengthening the community


One thing Paula never accounted for was the possibilities the rebrand, and the relocation to Batley would bring.  The newly acquired space brings with it a whole host of opportunities to not only enhance the services we provide but to utilise it as a space to support the wider community.

Upon taking over the lease, the building was seriously dilapidated, so much so that even colleagues questioned her choice of location. But with significant investment, Paula has transformed the building into a modern but traditional venue, perfect for a variety of activities.

With the renovations, the building has become a key part of the community, enabling various groups to utilise the space for coffee mornings, wellbeing and yoga sessions, and allowing community groups to host events in the building.

Commenting on the relocation, Paula said “The building is beyond my wildest dreams, and it excites me that our move opens up so many possibilities. I’m now on a mission to not only ensure people get the care they deserve but to create a space which brings people together to combat issues such as loneliness which can often be a precursor for an individual requiring care”.

Paula doesn’t only limit herself to helping people in need of care. She also wants to help ex-servicemen and ex-sports players to learn a new trade. This was evidenced during the renovation of The Crescent, during which two unemployed tradespeople were brought in after a recommendation from contacts to help Paula transform the building in record time in advance of the rebrand announcement. The quality of their work impressed Paula so much that she has appointed them to continue with “handymen” services. It was this that also led her to consider the wider use of the building and will see The Crescent’s cellar, being converted into a workshop for young and old alike to learn a trade and new skills. Paula hopes this will open up job opportunities for people often stuck at a crossroads.


An inspiration for others


Paula has spoken at many events about her career journey and the challenges she has faced. You will often find Paula, in her trademark style, giving out pots of glitter during these talks and as she says “People will often try to dampen your sparkle, but it’s important to always be true to yourself and know that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to”.

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