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Are you ready to start a new exciting chapter in your life?

Do you want to feel part of something amazing and add real sparkle to your own life and other people’s? Do you want to make a real impact on their life’s journey and how they write their own story?

Here at the Crescent we are looking for new additions to our Crescent family.

We work with positive people with the right attitudes and great values, who have a real passion for doing the right thing and helping others.

We have the pleasure of working in such a beautiful environment, which is warm and welcoming and a little bit magical. Our building and our people add that bit of sparkle to everyone we meet and work with.

Our business is built on strong family values, a positive attitude, respect, honesty and a drive to make a difference.

We choose to work with wonderful people with great values and attitude, who have a naturally caring & positive nature.  Here’s what some of our Crescent family had to say about their journey’s here.

Jess - Care Worker

I have been in care on and off for almost 5 years, I enjoy working at the crescent as it sticks to it morals and follows the person-centered approach so that the calls fit the clients needs, but they also take into consideration the care staff that they employ.

I volunteer every week without fail at scouts and The Crescent supports me to do this and understands that I cannot work Friday evenings. I have also been to Uganda with the scouts, there were 30 of us and we built dormitories, which was very rewarding and tiring but I felt like I had helped and achieved so much.

Vicky - Care Worker

I am a happy and bubbly person, kind and caring. I love working in care because I love seeing the changes I make in the client’s day to day life.

I have worked at The Crescent for 5 years now and I have been in care work for 20 years. I love my role as a care and support worker as I feel like it comes natural to me and I ensure my clients are happy and looked after.

Claire - Care Worker

I thoroughly enjoy my career in the care sector and find it very rewarding. I feel happy when I know I have had a positive effect on someone’s life and helped them in a positive way. It can also be very hard and challenging but these days make me want to go to work and push myself more and help wherever I can.

I have been a part of the team at The Crescent for nearly 4 years. The whole experience here is different and I really enjoy their approach to care. The long call times ensure that we can provide the client with the care and support they require without rushing off to visit the next person.

I have a great connection and understanding of all my clients and understand their specific requirements. I also enjoy working with other members of the team and I feel we can really deliver a level of service above traditional care packages. I can openly speak to the care management team about any problems I have and they will support and help me the best way they can.

Outside of work I am a family person through and through with my family always come first. I also like to go out and have fun with my friends and I feel I am bright and bubbly both at home and at work.

Nicola - Senior Care Worker

I am a kind, responsible and caring person, I love socialising and spending time with my family. I like working in care because I feel everyone should have the same options and choices available to them.

I love working in care so I can provide a service to those that need support and I love to see how much service users appreciate all that I do.

I have worked in care for 13 years and The Crescent is the best company I have worked for, the staff and the service users they support are amazing. I am proud to be a member of an amazing team.

Susan – Care Worker

I have been in the care industry for over 10 years now but before this I used to run a pub. During my time as a bar manager I looked after a client who was diagnosed with cancer and this experience encouraged me to go into care sector if I ever came out of working in the hospitality industry.

Sadly the client passed away, but just before he passed he made me promise him to take caring up as a career, and this is how I came to work in care. I love my job as a carer, despite it being quite challenging, I still find it very rewarding.

It makes me proud as a carer when I see a smile on my clients face and they are happy with what I am doing for them. “A happy client makes a happy carer’’ is the motto I work by and this is when you know you are doing your job right.

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