Meet Some of the Family


At The Crescent we have been rated “outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission for our responsive service.

We provide carefully crafted care and support to anyone in the community who needs us, from birth to end of life and everything in between. With a team of kind and friendly carers and professionals we go above and beyond to provide a service that really makes a difference people’s lives.

Your Family

Paula Chamberlain - CEO & Founder

Paula Chamberlain is the Founder and CEO of The Crescent. She is a passionate social entrepreneur who is determined to change the world of care and raise the standards across the industry, by working in partnerships and collaboration and bringing people together.

Paula has over 20 years experience within the care industry and started her career as a care assistant within domiciliary care and has also managed large teams of home carers, including setting up franchise models and private care, therefore understands the care world from many different angles.

Paula has a wealth of experience and has worked within residential settings with adults with brain injury, learning disabilities, and challenging behaviour and various other client groups including mental health area, children and older people.

This is where her passion and drive came from for making a difference and valuing & empowering carers for the great work they do. And add sparkle wherever she goes!

Lorraine Chamberlain – Events Executive

Lorraine joined our Crescent family over 8 years ago.

She looks after everyone and ensures we all have what we need, both the Crescent family and all our visitors.

Lorraine manages and organises our office operations and all our events, including liaising with our partners & associates.

She is a perfect example of what we stand for, she gives everyone a warm welcome and treats everyone who comes through our doors like VIP’s and always shares her amazing sparkle and smile.

She’s usually the one who gives out cake and fruit to everyone!

Laura Parker - Care Manager

Meet Laura, our care Manager, who has previous experience within residential care homes and working with people with dementia.

Laura says that she wanted to work at The Crescent as she loves the idea of 3 hour minimum call times, which gives her the opportunity to build up a good relationship with her clients and she is able to really get to know them.

Previously, Laura used to be a travel agent but she found a passion for care when her grandma became poorly and she helped to take care of her, now she can not imagine herself doing anything else other that working within the care and support industry.

Laura joined our family as a Team Leader and has quickly worked her way up to Care Manager due to her passions and enthusiasm for The Crescent, she is very excited about her new venture, and for what the future brings for The Crescent.


Kath Griffin - Team Leader

Meet Kath she is our Team Leaders, she has been with The Crescent for nearly 10 years and loves her job. Her passion for care started when she cared for her mum, shortly after she realised this was the job she wished to purse to make a difference.

It all began when Kath worked for our Founder Paula previously and followed her when she set up The Crescent and shared her passion for quality care.

The thing which Kath loves the most about being a part of The Crescent is that we are one big family and she loves enlightening the lives of our clients with her beautiful and caring personality and can’t wait for what the future holds


Gemma Ollrid - Senior Carer

Gemma has been with The Crescent for 2 years and has recently been promoted to be a member of our Senior Carer Team.

Gemma loves care because she is a very caring person and she loves to look after people. Previous to care Gemma worked in the beauty therapy industry which is how she found The Crescent and Paula, Gemma decided she loved care the most and was very excited to join our team.

Since Gemma joined our team she has done so many amazing things and has grown into a model carer, Gemma plans to continue her great work and is very excited to see where her Crescent journey will take her next.

Claire Watson - Senior Carer

Claire has worked at The Crescent for 4 years, and has recently been promoted to a Senior Carer position. Claire joined the care sector over 10 years ago as she was looking for a stepping stone to another career, Claire found care and hasn’t turned back since.

Claire has said she loves care and couldn’t imagine herself doing anything else. Claire found The Crescent when she was working in domiciliary care, and searching for a new approach to the profession. She fell in love with the notion of time to care as she wanted to do her job to the best of her ability, and felt that more time with each client was the way forward.

Since Claire has joined our team she has enjoyed working with all the other carers and clients and feels like she is part of a family, she loves to spread her sparkle and bubbly personality and help anyone who needs it.

Vicky King - Senior Carer

Vicky has been with The Crescent for 8 years and has recently been promoted to a Senior Carer. Vicky started in care at the age of 18 and worked in a care home for several years, she took a break from this to support her family.

When Vicky returned to care she wanted a change, by going and supporting children, and this is how she came across The Crescent, she also met Paula our Founder and has never looked back, she has continued to grow and learn through her time with our Family.

Since Vicky has worked at The Crescent she has enjoyed spreading her infectious personality and smile, she always knows how to cheer up the team and clients and is excited for her future opportunities.

Jess Calvert - Business Support

Meet Jess she joined our family in April 2020 as a volunteer and is now here as our business support assistant and is loving every second of her new journey.

She takes care of our childcare, admin and social media and helps makes sure we have everything we need to run our sparkling office and service.

Jess’s background is in childcare and she is currently studying play work at university, she is working on our after school and children’s services and plans to put what she has learnt in the classroom into action.

She is looking forward to her future and many opportunities with The Crescent.

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