Our Story


The Crescent was created with a love and a passion for making a real difference to people’s lives and ensuring luxury care can be delivered. We understand that everyone’s care requirements are individual and believe that everyone deserves to be treated with the care and respect that they want and deserve.

At The Crescent we want to change the perception of the care service and provide luxury care packages that really make a difference to the people in our community. We pride ourselves on being honest, professional and reliable and truly want to make a change to people’s lives for the better.

We work as a team and appreciate everyone’s input and contributions to help make The Crescent a place where people want to spend time and use the facilities we have to offer.

Where we've come from?

Over the last 8 years we have learnt, grown and gathered a wide range of experience and knowledge to bring us to where we are today at The Crescent. We are a commercial social enterprise providing carefully crafted care to anyone who needs our services and support.

We’ve carefully crafted care and support that goes further than traditional home care packages and can provide an enhanced layer of support in addition to what you may already have in place. Over the years we’ve adapted and changed the services we offer to deliver a level of care that we believe everyone deserves.

Care is at the heart of our business, we want to bring the community together and help combat isolation and loneliness. We want to inspire, give people a purpose and happiness in their lives however we can.

Our Future

“To continue with our great story and to aim for our happily ever after, ensuring we are helping our clients and family achieve this with us by working on the following magic…..”

Creating eternal happiness within our family by adding benefits, value and well being to what we do

Celebrate our enhancement service – a minimum of three hours per occasion

Open our fabulous Well being centre

Carefully craft more events and welcoming space for our local community

Share our pay forward scheme and “The Crescent experiences”

Create collaboration with other wonderful professionals in our community, continuing to raise standards and help combat isolation & loneliness, thus empowering other great initiatives within our community.

Luxury care, catered to you

With The Crescent, luxury care is given. We devote all the time to you that you need.

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