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At The Crescent we have a dedicated wellbeing centre to ensure that the local community has access to the specialist support and facilities they require. Our dedicated space provides holistic and alternative therapies, outside of the traditional care spectrum, to improve wellbeing and overall mental health.

Private, safe and comfortable

Our wellbeing centre provides a private, safe and comfortable space where people across the community can work with our likeminded organisations, to find balance and harmony within themselves. Care isn’t just physical, at The Crescent we believe mental health and wellbeing to be just as important.

With a wide range of holistic and alternative therapies available we can work with GP’s, social workers, charities and private individuals, along with other medical professionals, to receive referrals to various services.

All the services in our wellbeing centre have a non-invasive approach to care where the individual feels valued and welcomed & where they can engage and become part of the local community.

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